Everyday more and more schools are realizing the importance of 3D printing in the educational and professional realms. But how does a school introduce its students to a whole process they have zero experience in? We give you SimEdu, a 3D educational platform tailored to your needs.

In the Activities section, students use the physical material around them to make 3D models and achieve the outlined educational objectives.
A multiple choice quiz that tests the knowledge of the students. Every unit has 5 grades and every grade has multi-level quizzes.
Visual tutorials that shows the students how to create the model and gives him a clue to the answer of the quiz.
A practical example to be modeled with the AB3D software extracted from everyday life
Use 3D models to develop students' brain skills such as (memory - flexibly - speed - attention - problem solving.) Using 3D principles, we offer different games to develop these brain skills.
A direct link to a 3D printer, since we value physical experience. SimEdu is compatible with all 3D printers and most online printing services, and encourages students to print out their experiments.
We believe that gamification is very valuable in the learning process, especially the digital one, which is why we employ it in our courses for educational assistance.

Make use of your fablabs.
Add 3D design to your education goals.

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