Simprex3D: Bridging the gap to 3D Design.

What is Simprex3D?

Simprex3D is a direction in 3D design that aims to bring people closer to the industry, by providing level
based apps that guide users through the different 3D educational process.

We at Simprex3D believe that 3D printing will flourish when more and more people learn the design
process, where the bottleneck is in the steep learning curve of design tools, and the absence of basic
3D understanding in the public.

What do we offer?

We offer introductory 3D modeling apps for beginners to intermediates, as well as 3D educational
platforms tailored to your needs. Make your way through the courses on our SimEdu platform, or
download our stepping stone app AB3D, learn the basics of 3D design and create and print your first
models on your computer, tablet, or phone!